Punky Brüster Heavy Metal Mama Lyrics

Cooked on Phonics Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Recipe for Bait
  • 2 Fake Punk
  • 3 EZ$$
  • 4 Metal Dilemma
  • 5 Oats Peas Beans & Barley
  • 6 Wallet Chain
  • 7 Heinous Anus
  • 8 Heavy Metal Mama
  • 9 Crusty's at the Ivanhoe
  • 10 Picture of Myself / The Girls Next Door / Larry's O
  • 11 Metal Heads Are Punk Rockers
  • She says she's punk, but she's metal enough for me!!!
    Well! She's gonna be my Molly Maid!
    Clean me up and you'll have it made!
    There's metal in your nose, so you're metal enough for me!

    I just met a woman with some style
    She says "piercing's punk" but it's metal all the while
    Well! She's gonna be my Betty Boop!
    A metal chick has always got the scoop
    C'mon now Baldy, make a punker out of me!
    Well! It's not anything at all! Give it up before you fall!

    I need a girl like you!
    I need metal through and through!
    I need a woman like you!
    I need a heavy metal mama!

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