Wale Heaven In The Afternoon Lyrics

[Intro: Wale]
In the grand scheme of things we never supposed to have shit
born to lose, built to win
Folarin, lets get it in, look

[Hook: Wale]
we aint supposed to never have nothin
we aint supposed to never have shit
see that growth on my rhymes then
see me focus aint on them

[Verse 1: Wale]
naw, at the top its just us, right?
lets get it, okay?
PRP’s and some don.., Givenchy but no kilt me amor
we can’t leave we love the allure,
hold my down, and stay above what you on
on, im a bees and a blies, scorpio freaks, quanitity Gemini
woah, Ima need me a light, riding thru the cap, cap STEEZ on the mind
though, I aint know him, but I wish I did,
each one, teach one, may the youth live
on that tabloid please on your head,
lost one last summer livin aint fair
other niggas scared, we forever here, hate to see us smile
money everywhere, dream killers out, I see em in the rear
before I put em in a song, put em in a prayer, Amen


[Verse 2: Wale]
Yeah, Im focused its Folarin here
I wreckon your barborsop talk of this
Heavenly Father may spirit of God
help whoever in OZ get your guidance quick
all we need is Keisha, all we need Becky
all we need is God, and fat free fetty
my little buddy live strong young nigga pedal
he didnt make it in the league so the streets wed em
gettin wet up on the corner in whatever weather
boy see jail again he try gon see the devil ugh
been a week since he seen his mother
and 18 since he seen the other
Im a pray for him
its safe to say he got some pain within
aint too much I can say to him,
and my bank statement dont relate to him
look, woah


[Outro: Wale]
my wish is that you keep dreamin
and then get it

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