Trip Lee Heart Problem Lyrics

The Good Life Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 New Dreams
  • 2 Robot
  • 3 I'm Good
  • 4 War
  • 5 Fallin'
  • 6 iLove
  • 7 Know Me
  • 8 One Sixteen
  • 9 Heart Problem
  • 10 Take Me There
  • 11 Beautiful Life
  • 12 Fantasy
  • 13 Love On Display
  • 14 For My Good
  • 15 Good Thing
  • Money, sex and power, are good

    What? You want me to listen to who?
    I don't know, I used to like Trip Lee when he first came out
    Now I'm feelin' like he be actin' like money is a sin or something
    I don't know, what he talkin' 'bout now?

    Let me get this off my chest, I know some folks gon' be mad
    Ain't tryna start no mess, but I know how folks gon' react
    Feel I gotta strive and press, tell 'em what I mean till they see that
    They think I got a problem, with dollars, and makin' green cash
    But money really ain't the problem, every grand is a grant from the Father
    When I said we can't serve both God and cash many folks thought I meant "Don't bother"
    But I ain't sayin' makin' money ain't right, I'm just sayin' that your money ain't Christ
    Please don't bow down to the greenback and let them stacks rule your life
    Ain't tryna say you shouldn't get paid, I ain't tryna say that we should stay broke
    But money don't mean you got favor, bein' broke don't mean that you don't
    Money is a gift that's good, give it to the Father, to the giver
    I've been misunderstood but I trust in the God who deliver

    Please don't miss the problem, mayne it is not the God who reigns
    It is not the gifts He gave, this is what I gotta say, say
    Don't exalt them over the God we praise
    You can't really enjoy Him till your heart's replaced
    The gifts and the Giver of good
    The gifts and the Giver of good
    The gifts and the Giver of good
    Your heart is where the problem's at, let's get that understood

    I got something on my mind, bro some folks might not like that
    Feel like it's about that time to hit 'em with the Truth where that light's at
    But still some folks wanna fight that, 'cause hand that feeds wanna bite that
    'Cause they think it's pleasin', it's makin' demons of all that He made but despite that
    He grants good gifts like sex, I ain't tryna start no messin'
    I don't wanna get graphic with all the fact cause He gave it so we could be blessed
    Please don't, act like I'm gone, please don't, just say I'm wrong, just stay
    Confident in the Word, you'll see, that He condones it
    Sex ain't the problem, it's sinners who just forgot Him
    Distortin', corrupt like Soddom, the gifts, they want 'em without Him
    It's beautiful in it's proper place, marriage, until we pop it up
    And turn our footsteps from His face, and then we problem


    (You gotta explain)
    Last, verse still gotta be real, submit my thoughts under His will
    Even if it ain't really what I feel, gotta let Him take that, take that wheel
    Last thing to talk about, before end of discussion
    I heard power corrupts, no it just shows our corruption
    But power's really a blessing, to meet it, to resurrection
    And build it to help this mess up, of world in which we're restin', mayne
    Our heart's the issue so submit it to the good Lord
    He will replace it, what you think we call Him good for?


    OK, OK, I think I got what he talkin' 'bout now
    It ain't that money, power and sex are the problem
    It's that something is wrong with my lil', my own lil' heart
    I don't know, we'll see, still think that man trippin'

    Written by: Gabriel Alberto Azucena, William Lee Barefield
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., MUSIC SERVICES, INC.

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