The Marshall Tucker Band Heard It in a Love Song Lyrics

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I ain't never been with a woman long enough, for my boots to get old.
We've been together so long now they both need to be sewed.
If I ever settle down you'd be my kind and it's a good time for me to head on down the line.

Heard it in a love song
Heard it in a love song
Heard it in a love song

Can't be wrong.

I'm the kinda man likes to get away, like to start dreamin about tomorrow today.
Never said that I love you, even thought it's so
Where's that duffle bag of mine it's time to go.


I'm gona be leavin at the break of dawn. Wish you could come but I don't need no woman taggin along.
So I'll sneak out that door couldn't stand to see you cry.
I'd stay another year if I saw a tear drop in your eye.
I never had a damn thing but what I had I had to leave it behind.
You're the hardest thing I ever tried to get off my mind.
Always something greener on the other side of that hill.
I was born a wrangler and a rambler and I guess I always will