Birdman Head Busta Lyrics

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Going to get your head bust ****in' with the homie
****in' with the family *****, know they been some phonies
Going to get your head bust ****in' with my cheese,
****in' with my G's ***** *****s goin' bleed
***** I'ma head busta, yeah I'ma head busta
***** bust ya head ************ I'ma head busta
Yeah I'ma head busta, a straight head busta
Empty out these clips on this *****es cause we some head bustas

***** the mac and the nine homie thats how I roam
Standin' on my throne ***** thats my home
Chopper 47 homie thats what we use
Lock 'em out of shoes gave the ***** ***** blues
High price life got the whips and the jewels
Murder is a ************ that what we do
Got 'em with the stripes, good with the tool
5 star G never goin' lose
0n the other side just an uptown thing
Order another hit ***** bring the red paint
Get 'em while he slippin', get 'em while he dippin'
Caught 'em in his car and you know we straight flippin'
Awesome with the chips keep the nine on the hip
Lil' made ***** and you know I run ****
Gotta get the money pain is the fuel
Pain while we ride, pain make me do


Money is a must on these streets by the duffle bag
Garbage bag, play with me ***** and I'ma bust your ***
Play with the family, I'm gonna see your whole family cry
Your whole family die *****, and they wonder why
Ride for soldiers, ride for hustlers
Ride for them real *****s with the muscle
Straighten the situation, ***** gotta problem homie
***** been beefin' homie, ***** been creepin' on 'em
Laid him up, put him in a shitter bag
Put 'em in a body bag, zipped him up and toe tagged
Send him the whole thing, pour the champ' for the tears
Pour the champ' for the homie that are not here


Front a ***** 50 he came back with it,
Gave him all the game that the want to go and get it
He gave a ***** 20 another ***** 10
And 5 came short lil' one knew he couldn't win
Lil' one couldn't win cause he ****in' with the homie
A gangster lil' ***** ain't never been phony
Caught 'em in his whip, knew he couldn't slip
Caught while he slippin' so you know he gotta flip
The other lil' ***** gave him 20 of his pounds
Told 'em hold it down and he ran uptown
Came back with it but he gave a ***** 5
***** played with him and you know the ***** died
I gave a ***** 200 of them things
Brought it all back, gave me all the change
Brought 'em one back, he played with the change
***** don't play so we made his head swing


Written by: Brian Williams, Ronald Ferebee Jr
Lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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