Barbara Fairchild He Was There All The Time Lyrics

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Writer Gary Paxton

(C) Time after (G/C) time I went (Am/C) searching for (G/C) peace in some (Dm) void. (Em/D - Dm7* - Em/D) I was (Bb) trying to blame All my (G7) ills on this world I was (C) in. (G/C - Am/C - G/C) (C) Surface re(G/C)lationships (Am/C) used me 'til (G/C) I was done (Dm) in. (Em/D - Dm7* - Em/D) And (Bb) all of the while someone was (G7) begging To free me from (C) sin. (G/C - see - G) Chorus: He was (C) there (G/C) all the (F) time (Dm7) He was (G) there all the (C) time (G/C) Waiting (C) patient(G/C)ly in (F) line (Dm) He was (C) there (G) all the (C) time. (G/C - Am/C - G/C) (C - G/C - Am/C - G/C) Never again Will I look for a fake rainbow's end. Now that I have the answer My life is just starting to rhyme. Sharing each new day with Him Is a cup of fresh wine. And oh what I missed, He's been waiting right there all the time. Chorus

Wings Of A Dove Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Had It Not Been
  • 2 I'll Meet You In The Morning
  • 3 Longer I Serve Him
  • 4 Little Is Much
  • 5 Wayfaring Stanger
  • 6 Sweet Hour Of Prayer
  • 7 Wings Of A Dove
  • 8 He Was There All The Time
  • 9 Old Country Church
  • 10 Supper Time
  • 11 Satisfied
  • 12 His Eye Is On The Sparrow

  • Written by: Gary S. Paxton
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, CAPITOL CHRISTIAN MUSIC GROUP

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