Stephanie Mills He Cares Lyrics

Personal Inspirations Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I Had a Talk With God
  • 2 Sweepin' Through the City
  • 3 He Cares
  • 4 In the Morning Time
  • 5 Everything You Touch
  • 6 Everybody Ought to Know
  • 7 Power of God
  • 8 People Get Ready
  • 9 He Cares (reprise)
  • 10 I'm Gonna Make You Proud
  • You can depend on Jesus
    you can depend on Him
    you, you, you can rely on Jesus hey
    Hallelujah I want the whole wide world to know that
    He will be there to see you through

    Whatever the problem He can solve them
    if any burden He will share them
    oh thank You Jesus
    if there are problems in your life
    He will make them alright
    He will be there to see you through

    Let me encourage you if you're in need of a blessing
    and your patience is wearing thin
    don't you give up and don't you give in
    because you're gonna win hey
    yes you will cause Jesus said it and I believe it
    He will be there to see you through

    John I like when you sing with me

    (He cares, He cares, He cares
    He will never leave you) choir repeats â??til fade

    In the midst of a storm
    in the midst of rain
    let's put all our trust in Jesus
    I know His love will sustain
    I don't have to stay there
    cause my Bible says I can cast all my cares
    somebody lost a loved one
    you go ahead and cry
    God said He's gonna wipe every tear from my eye
    I know I know He cares for you and me
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