Warhead Hatred Lyrics

Good Part for Each Track Listing
  • 1 15th Century
  • 2 Let Me Die
  • 3 Good Christian
  • 4 Hatred
  • 5 Blindly
  • 6 Good Part for Each
  • 7 Going to the Center
  • 8 Carrie White
  • 9 The Healing
  • 10 Inbetween
  • 11 Warhead
  • 12 Missiles
  • [lyrics: eilen]
    [arranged by breitenbach]

    a little room with a lattice window
    here i live there's nothing more
    outside concrete, grey and cold
    this is my home, i'm the one who's left
    the second made me be the one i am
    the stories people tell here are heavy
    and this is mine...

    oh my love was great,
    thought that i am the only one you need
    you gave me the only
    meaning to my life
    i changed everything for you
    said that we'd love until we die
    and somehow
    we made the words come true

    the first year we were together
    nothing bad i did expect
    two people in a world full of honey
    and slowly i got blind
    something happenedin the second year
    we were kissing but our eyes weren't closed
    and sex became a different thing
    than we did a few weeks ago

    i didn't want to realize it
    i didn't want to see
    you said you went to the doctor
    what a beautiful lie
    for the time we didn't speak too much
    and what we spoke was simply shit
    i knew i would like to get rid of it

    so one day you were calling the "doctor"
    and i saw you leaving our home
    i followed you to his place
    and looked through the window
    you were kissing
    you were pissing
    you were fucking that man
    and i was watching you

    so believe, i jumped through the window
    to get you, my dear
    i was taking the knife that i had
    and ram it into your head


    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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