Stevie Stone Hatin Lyrics

New Kid Comin Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 New Kid (Intro)
  • 2 New Kid Comin
  • 3 Wait a Minute
  • 4 Midwest Explosion
  • 5 Inka Binka
  • 6 Red Wine (Skit)
  • 7 Red Wine
  • 8 Aint Playin Round
  • 9 Hatin
  • 10 Rap Gamez Callin
  • 11 Talk About It
  • 12 Whimmi (Skit)
  • 13 Run Tun
  • 14 573
  • (Intro)

    Hate, is a form of evil, a waste of an emotion
    All my life ive been against the odds
    So thou dont offend me, yea they intensely fuelin my fire
    The rhythym and ryhmes that I quote, one of the realest that I ever wrote
    (huh) and I will not stop
    You gonna feel it, im a let it go, Im the realest that they ever wrote
    (huh) and I will not stop

    (Verse 1 )

    Since the time that Stoney been spittin
    Hes gifted with game, versitile, so the people listen
    Not to mention the fame that it brang cause Stoney glisten
    Hes causin friction
    Theres moral to the story, everybody gotta pay attention
    Im on a mission
    Got my eyes up on the prize
    Always gon keep it hunnit never catch me falsify
    See others tryin mine, see they hatin in they eye
    See Stoney on the rise, see gotta respect his grind
    Stevie on the road, Stevie doin hella shows
    Hangin with the big name, they say he bound to blow
    Always on the boy yea they talk behind my back
    And when I come to town, gossip get to commin back
    I tell em "what, im back," but your talkin is nothin
    Tell em stack up they paper, Ain't no future in frontin
    On the buck and im bendin
    Yes my flow is authentic
    You witnessin the future, Im a fuckin lieutenant


    You can hate but you wastin your time
    You can hate but you wastin your time
    (man your wastin your time)
    I know a lot of folk fake and they lie
    You can hate but you wastin your time
    (homie you wastin your time)
    And theres a couple that'll hate on me
    If it's up to them they'd turn the page on me
    (man your wastin your time)
    But you forgot that im a brave homie
    Until they put me in the grave homie
    (huh, your wastin your time)

    (Verse 2)

    This one here has kept you some feelins
    Im speakin of circumstances, reminiscing the chillin
    Some niggas is wishes that im floppin from the beginnin
    Makes me a villain
    What type of manager can't manage his own spendin
    What type of homie gets salty when I ride to the ceilin
    Camouflagin his feelin
    Its an envious syndrome
    Always makin somebody mad in this life that im livin
    Is this how im perceived
    All this hatins a givin
    Im survivin the struggle
    I can figure to fix ya
    Haters fuel to my fire
    Ive ignited the picture
    Theres more stalkas who rip ya
    Got a beautiful buzz
    Analyzin the situation when im off in them nubs
    Dont get it twisted when im ventin ya, its not a diss
    Its a situation im facin yall when im copin wit
    My pen and my pad for play I recorded it
    Im a subordinate and haters im gettin bored of it



    Hatin x12

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