Crime Mob Hated on Mostly Lyrics

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Ay since we came on the scene we been hated on mostly
*****s talk **** but they watch real closely
Ay put that thang on that ***** tell that ***** you don't know
***** ***** you don't know me ***** you don't know me

Now its a bunch of *****s hatin on the mob since we came on
*****s talkin **** cause they broke and they ain't on
Who them *****s rappin they ain't snappin on that lame song
Tell them mutha****as that them suckas got the game wrong
You seen us on MTV and our album on the shelf
4-5 hundred strong and we ain't need no ****in help
**** a hype man we can crank the show up by ourself
And play them hatin *** muthau****as to the left

I ride in the back wit lil buss *****s
All of em back wit em black wit em black pumps wit them black slacks and black macs
And all of em gutta thoreau with that gangsta
***** we blow perk we don't blow reggie with them wankstas
I'm trapped out on the curb and errbody in my squad
You know we keep that expensive *** herb
For all these **** *****s who plottin and hatin on me
Ha ha you already slow I keep a K on me

[Chorus: 2x]

Since we came up on scene we been hated on contemplated on
But that **** don't even phase me homes (phase me homes)
*****s smile up in yo face and turn around and turn around and steady hatin
We one of the reasons that yo song is in heavy rotation
Who can say they made a classic hit that gets the club jumpin
Started in 2001 4 years passed and today its still bumpin
Always on the ****in grind *****s tryna stop our shine
You'll never get the best of us cause we too tough and we gon ride

We gon ride and leave you counterfits behind playa but this click gon shine
You hatin cause I got mines but its all good that's just you
L12's get the L in they face
Flaw *****s get no props they get put in they place everyday
That's just how it is that's just how it goes
So I stay up on my toes and chose my money over hoes
Mobbin over esub dammit ay lil stupid *****
MOB that be the click and you don't really know about me

[Chorus: 2x]

You know we stars now in them duece dueces
Hand out the brain ***** throw them dueces
Or I might throw it back I'm in the bichevy
*****s hatin on me because my pockets heavy
Dreads in my head I got my mind right
My next day say I'm 30 so the time right
I do alotta flexin yeah I be puttin on
I guess that's that's the reason why you boys be hatin on
I'm known to get it on rain sleet or snow
I sack em fat they start runnin off like some hoes
*****s hatin cause they *****es jumpin out they clothes
Suckin him and suckin me the greatest ***** yeen know

Of course you seen us in the magazines I be you got our posters
Or maybe two or three cd's why you *****s tryna roast us
Girl its nothin cause we focused cause MOB be bout them presidents
Keep takin notes and snappin pictures cause that shits iirelevant

[Chorus: 2x]

Written by: A Smith, Brittany Carpentero, C Henderson, Jarques Usher, Jonathan Lewis, Venetia Lewis
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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