Denace Hate Em Lyrics

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Yeah relationships are kinda crazy man
After you break up one minute you love'em
And the next uhhhh.. You fukin hate'em
I don't even know who to trust no more
My heart's turned cold like an ice sick cold
One second I love you the next I don't
So what's the point of fighting for
Baby listen, I know your motives
I know you hate me
I know you love him
I know you wanna go back to him
So go then he's your old friend till the road ends
So it makes ya wish you were worse
With my face with the curves when we split the shirts
It's like the shit occurs to twist my nerves
Cause karma's a bitch and it quit me first
But you're golnna get what you deserve
Cause karma don't let nobody through
I don't wanna get all negative
But what I'm sayin does not feel less but true

The drops are gettin in my shoes
And the laces alone can't take away my booze
Are you only passin through or are you gonna love me

You don't see me at the word of me
But you introduced me to brutal shit curmacy
I see the truth now when it's hurtin me
You wanna hate me all along certainly
You couldn't love me you deserted me
You cut me up just like surgery
I'm sick of it I'm sick of you
I fell nicious when I picture you
You gotta go cause you got shit to do
What cheat on me with the senses do
I'll teach you never to fuck wih me
I'll haunt you wherever you oughta be
Bitch I'm a prom that's hard to beat
You think it's easy to up and leave
I'mma show you that it's not so easy
Baby I'm a psycho freak

The drops are gettin in my shoes
And the laces alone can't take away my booze
Are you only passin through
Or are you gonna love me

I love you? I hate you
I've done a lot but you are playful
I know that one day you'll realize
That I'm not feeling like them other guys
It will beat you like then
So don't come back like I've mistaken
Cause by then I'll be taken
And my love for you will be faken
I don't wanna sound like a big bitch
But I hope karma's on your wish list
And makes you cook and do the dishes
And tells you to stay out of his business
I don't think you know who you're fucking wih
But I got videos of you sucking dick
I should've released them fucking bitch
But I'm bond in love of your fucking kid


Are you only passin through? Or are you gonna love me? Haaa? You fucking bitch.. Words can't describe how I feel about you right now, but it's all good though, it's all good
i wish you the worst.. Baby I love you haha
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