Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Has Anyone Seen My Baby Here Tonight Lyrics

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There's a storm raging over the city
Lightning flashing, cars racing everywhere
In the distance you can hear the sirens
And the thunder wakes a dead man with its
Someone said it's none of your business
She's a big girl and can care for herself alright
I know she's a woman for sure
And a big girl too
But has anyone seen my baby here tonight?

Sometimes we play a foolish game
trying to see who can hurt who the most
It's a foolish game at best
But she plays better than the rest
And I guess I won this foolish game tonight
Before I knew what had happened
She was out the back door with no coat
and tears in her eyes
Now the storm is raging loud
and I don't feel so proud
Tell me has anyone seen my baby here tonight?

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