Macabre Harvey Glatman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot) Lyrics

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He could tie a great knot as a kid
Always had ropes in his hands
Hanging himself in the attic
His behaviour was quite erratic
He had such a high IQ
But he was a devious killer too
He'd tie up the girls and then
Take their lives away

Harvey Glatman
Your soul will forever rot man
The s_____ic way you killed
Was the way you got your thrill
Harvey Glatman
The gas chamber is what you got man
You raped and murdered three
And you showed no sympathy

He posed as a photographer
Who took pictures of bound and gagged girls
That's how he got them alone
Then he'd tie them up with his ropes
He'd rape them repeatedly
He was an evil man indeed
He'd strangle the girls and then
Leave them to rot in the sand

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