Hungry Lucy Harvest Lyrics

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Please don't say
What you mean
Time is short
For you and me

In my room
I can see your tears
I'm not inside
But i feel your fear

It's harvest time
Once again
Dust off the moon
And let's begin

Please don't say
I don't care
No one said
Life would be fair

Standing here
You seem so far away
I am longing
For just one more day

It's harvest time
Once again
I'm here for you
So let me in

On this day
I can see
So much more
For you and me

Before We Stand... We Crawl Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 A Girl Alone
  • 2 Harvest
  • 3 Losing Faith
  • 4 Storm (Carried Away)
  • 5 Alfred (Haunted)
  • 6 Fearful (live & unplugged)
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