Too $hort Hard on the Boulevard Lyrics

Short Dog’s in the House Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 $hort Dog’s in the House
  • 2 It’s Your Life
  • 3 The Ghetto
  • 4 Short but Funky
  • 5 In the Oaktown
  • 6 Dead or Alive
  • 7 Punk Bitch
  • 8 Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me
  • 9 Hard on the Boulevard
  • 10 Pimpology
  • 11 Paula & Janet
  • 12 Rap Like Me
  • 13 The Ghetto (reprise)
  • Sunshine, convertable tops
    You call 'em rags, we call 'em drops
    You ride black walls, we ride Vogues
    You got a girlfriend, we pimp hoes
    You say I'm fake, I say you're smoking
    I'm just a mack named $hort from Oakland
    Just like a tag team wrestling tip
    With a nasty bitch, then the homie switch
    Bitch, ain't getting nothing but a lesson taught
    If your pimping ain't strong, it's not my fault
    Hoes start choosing, wouldn't give 'em a break
    I pull out my old white Too $hort tape
    I'm playing "Dope Fiend Beat" and the shit still hits
    Trying to stick my dick all in them lips
    She said "No, I never did it before"
    Well you ain't the bitch I'm looking for
    Cause she's rich and thick and chocolate
    Wouldn't hesitate to lick my dick
    All my parters say "$hort what's up?"
    See me with a bitch with a big-ass butt
    I don't answer, I start laughing
    Nothing going on but the Oaktown macking
    Laying it right, all damn night
    Hoes getting sprung like they smoking the pipe
    El Dorado, Mazeratti
    Nothing but freaks with fine bodies
    I love to roll my Mercedes Benz
    I'm nothing but a player like all my friends
    So when you call me fake, be for real
    The call me Short Dog cause I'm hard as hell
    Hope your girlfriend's name ain't Linelle
    I screwed her last night in a cheap motel
    Like I told my crew, when the toss up's chill
    Humping like a Chevy rolling down Foothill
    Get off the pipe fool, stop cracking
    Be like Short Dog and start macking

    T double O S-H-O-R-T
    I go solo, can't nobody fuck with me
    I'll just kick back counting my bank
    No cokes smoking, just potent dank
    Funky fresh on the microphone
    When you spin that wax, it's not the same ol' song
    Round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows
    You see me at the clubs catching all the hoes
    I don't drink vodka, I do drink gin
    I like to get a blowjob from your girlfriend
    Cause I'm macking, baby, you know that's right
    I'm from the Oaktown, straight Eastside
    I got all my game from East Oakland streets
    Now motherfuck you damn shit-haired freaks
    I go on and on as I sing my song
    If you're tender and young, I fuck you all night long
    I'm not a no-good punk, I didn't make you flunk
    I didn't tell the whole world your pussy stunk
    I cut you slack in my rap, I could've macked your mother
    But Life is Too $hort so I kept it undercover
    I'm so damn hard, on the boulevard
    Hoes ain't tripping on me, they wanna fuck my car
    Freak nasty don't trip, to me it ain't shit
    You can suck my dick with some fat hoe lips
    Riding in a Caddy with the top let down
    California sunshine, cruising the town
    On the boulevard, maybe drop my top
    If you're feeling hot, don't even stop
    Cause it feels so good, I'm oh so sprung
    They way you work that tongue, it just makes me cum
    I told all my homies, all about
    The way I bust big nuts, in your mouth
    On the boulevard, we're riding oh so real
    Not Skyline, I'm talking about Foothill
    And when it ended, you know what happened
    I'm so hard I just can't stop macking

    I know I gotta stop sooner, but I'll stop later
    They call me Short Dog, I'm nothing but a player
    I know what she's thinking, "I'm falling in love"
    But there's another freak I'm thinking of
    She's got long long hair, she's not like you though
    She'll do whatever I say, she'll even be my hoe
    Cause I don't wanna get married, I'd rather freak Mary
    Make good love and I do mean very
    Wherever I go, it's the same old case
    Same damn thing all over the place
    (Nothing but bitches) Tight-ass jeans to pose in
    I used to ride the strip trying to catch the hoes
    They wasn't choosing, nope not these hoes
    They wanted big time Vettes, riding brand new Vouges
    So like I said before, I ain't tripping
    Told myself it's time to stop bullshitting
    Did the gangster walk, did it like this
    Walked up to a girl and I called her a bitch
    I said "My name is $hort, I don't play games
    I only play young bitches, now what's your name?"
    She said "I wouldn't tell you in all my life
    You're just a little thug, you're not my type"
    I said "I'm Sir Too $hort, couldn't be no punk"
    East Oaktown is where I'm from
    You see wherever I go, it's the same old case
    Same damn thing all over the place
    (Nothing but bitches) Mad cause I told the truth
    I'm calling you one and you can call me, too
    Call me Too $hort, call me "Too Thin"
    But you wouldn't get a dime out of this pimp
    So just give it up baby and I'll run right through ya
    Maybe just maybe I'll come back to ya
    Like Too Clean, I'm riding Cadillac
    I hit the strip, turn around, and come right back
    See I'm a big mack, and every bitch in sight
    Says "Is that Short Dog sitting at a red light?"

    Written by: Clarence Satchell, James L. Williams, Leroy Bonner, Marshall Jones, Marvin Pierce, Marvin R. Pierce, Ralph Middlebrooks, Todd Shaw, Todd Anthony Shaw, Willie Beck
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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