Avias Happy Lyrics

Intro: if you aint happy leave me alone

I had my share of miserable times headaches sitting at home

Want real people know they lying fake friends and failure

But today things have changed I'm soo happy hell yeah

Verse1: (while rapping as getting close to beat change robot warns avias in 3.2.1) avias don't do it to em
I just woke up to reality again thank god that's enough to be happy for to me
Payed up all my debts got money to spend and loving every inch of my fam-i-ly
E-very-where I go, people showing much love, and I gotta give props to that man that's above
Heart so at ease, float through my day like a dove, haterz been washed away yo it's been enough

This that new avias and I'm breezing through bars
Rap style so futuristic classified top secret... mars (echo)
And I got to break it down cause yall moving to slow (drag)
All dressed up now, here su-ccess now, god have bless money to blow


I'm blocking out the gossip because today my day
I'm done with all the lames and things I'm throwing negativity away
I'm going to surround myself with people that are happy
Picture me, on the beach, picnic, partys, laughing.


I got a call it's time to go, I put on my outfit, shoes new yo
We in the car convertible top, 3 bottles of champagne tops then pop
Arrive at the beach enjoy the sand, go to the spa facials begin
I'm so happy don't want this to end, I'm so happy let the celebration begin

( U already know...)

It's avias seay that's ahead of this show 2011 um out yall
I do this for fun yeah!

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