Rubber Happiness Lyrics

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I hear you say I make it hard to leave
And you don't wanna stay I guess
I was thinking I still had a lot to say
While you were thinking it's all for the best
I was sure that I was gettin on with things
Now I'm in tha same old mess
I'm better now nothing left to prove
And no one there impress

It's a road we all travel
Oh no here we go again
Everything's changing
It's changing again
What's tha matter baby
It doesn't matter baby
I thought I could count on you till the end
For happiness

I know I said I'd make it up to you
But I don't like the place I'm in
I wish that I could tell you what to do
But I wouldn't know where to begin

And when I'm all but thinking don't you come around
Another everything is all I don't need
In doing anything I'd only let you down
cause I won't be waiting
Ultra Feel Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Spinning Around
  • 2 Forgive
  • 3 Over the Edge
  • 4 Happiness
  • 5 Hopeless
  • 6 In the End
  • 7 Draggin’ Me Down
  • 8 Everything You Do
  • 9 No Doubt
  • 10 Running Away
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