Too Short Hanukkah Favorite Time Of The Year Lyrics

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Favorite time of the year
Got past November, now we’re in the clear
For the next eight nights
The festive lights
Will bring some Hanukkah cheer
It’s harvest
Favorite time of the year

(I’m a lawyer)
I’m fryin’ latkes, I’m makin’ a mess
With some Jewish girls, pinching tushies
Time to dust off my dreidel, make some gelt
I ate mom’s brisket, need to loosen my belt
Matzah ball soup, with plenty of chicken
All this schmaltz, makes my blood thicken
I got eight gifts coming, one for each night
It’s my favorite holiday you’d better treat a player right
This ain’t Rosh Hashanah
This ain’t Passover
It’s Hanukkah, baby
Now move that ass over
It’s even better than Yom Kippur
I got seven gifts, and I want one more
You love Christmas, but it’s only one night
Some people say it’s twelve, but it’s only one night
You need to light that menorah
We do it like this
Me K.B. Harvey and Judah macked a bitch


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