Kevin Devine Haircut Lyrics

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I saw your haircut in a storefront
The choppy sides and perfect bangs
I loved the way it framed the model's cheekbones
The blank expression on her face

So I went inside and tried to buy it
But I got told it's not for sale
I got embarrassed and I decked the sale's clerk
Stole the wig and ran like hell

And I figured I would come and show you
So I kept runnin' towards your house
Then I remembered I don't have your address
Least not the one you live at now

So I headed home to get collected
To let the red flush from my face
I took out my notebook and I sketched you smilin'
I like to think of you that way

And I put your haircut in my closet
Next to your t-shirts and your cards
I turned the light out and I sunk in slowly
Countin' sheep and breathing hard

But when it comes it's way too quickly
And it busts apart the faith I've grown
See I can't stop myself from hurtin' you
So I guess I won't

Written by: Amy Bracco, Carey Brandenburg, Chris Bracco, Kevin Patrick Devine, Margaret White, Mike Skinner, Russell Smith
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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