Z-Ro feat. Slim Thug H-Town Kinda Day Lyrics

Meth Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Real or Fake
  • 2 Ro & Bun
  • 3 Never Had Love
  • 4 H-Town Kinda Day
  • 5 A Southern Girl
  • 6 Pig Feet
  • 7 3 Way Relationship
  • 8 Happy Alone
  • 9 Murderer
  • 10 Razor Blade
  • 11 No Reason
  • 12 When We Ride
  • 13 On Mo Time
  • 14 That Mo
  • [Hook]
    You know we riding slab, with that candy paint
    Dripping off the frame, down 2-88
    Sipping purple Sprite, mack a broad tonight
    This is how we play each and every day, it's a H-Town kinda day

    We don't ride 3's, only 4's
    With alligator seats, same thang on my toes
    If she ain't a dime, she ain't one of my hoes
    Since they go up in the sky, I call em heavenly do's
    If the interior peeling, you ain't riding with Ro
    Wood flo's sliding do's, I know you wanna roll
    Screwed Up Click until it's over, I put that on my soul
    Black candy paint and swangas, cause your nigga so cold
    It's the high life, I don't need no dro
    Spending money chasing a high, niggaz can't keep no dough
    Rather spend it on some swangas, and a fresh set of 4's
    Twenty sets of those, ain't even what I see at my shows
    Back in the day, me and Thugger had beef together
    Now we Bentley back to back, we share the streets together
    Gon' be alligator, under my ass cheeks forever
    Candy wet as a sherm head, it's gon' leak forever


    [Slim Thug]
    Thug boss, show up and show out
    It's Sunday in the city, time to pull the load out
    I hit up my Hoggs, time to pull out them dogs
    Swerving side to side, ain't worried bout them laws
    Smoking on that Cali topless, broads bopping
    Chunking deuces up, but I ain't stopping
    Paint dripping, no mo' purp sipping
    Boys getting knocked up for drank, y'all tripping
    No cases, I'm with the bad bitch with the braces
    Bout to head back, to one of my places
    Give a thug love, then I might hit up the club
    No VIP, I'm at the bar posted up
    Pocket full of money, laughing at them dummies
    Too drunk to notice, that I'm leaving with they honies
    Thug's life, yeah that's how the Boss play
    Different chick different day, down here we say


    Mayonnaise and mustard, that's how I roll
    I bet you never seen a black Bentley, on 4's
    Yeah the 300 got suicide, and Lamborghini do's
    Like the wipers watermelon, that my pimping get chose
    Six by nine's, like Kirk Franklin wire
    You say I don't look clean in this thang, you a liar
    Huh, wood grain what I'm holding on
    And y'all already know, what I'm rolling on
    Swangas, swangas, swangas
    These are the gorilla pokers, these ain't bars
    If you ain't got em on your ride, it's just another car
    When we riiide
    North East West and Southsiiiide
    Couldn't be a buster, if I tried
    H-Town niggaz, so liiiive


    Dripping off the frame...
    This is how we play...
    It's a H-Town kinda day

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