GunPlay Gullitine Swords Freestyle Lyrics

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Allow me to demonstrate the skill of Shaolin
The special technique of shadowboxing

I should slap all y'all niggas for coming in my fucking face with that shit

Fuck nigga, now I saw
Bitch I don't wanna hear that tone
Pussy jumping up and down like a Dave Jones
Got a pistol don't dare me don't say I won't
Yeah I'm gunplay shit but play I don't
I could fuck any bitch any day I want
Treat her anyway I want, I'm about to overcharge rose over arts
Turn her over ball fuck all the laws
Suck on my balls for free on the house
Beam beam eye, fuck nigga play
Get your locker cleaned eye
Long ass money looking like a green mile
Got a greedy ass grid and a see mama smile
Got the dice in the air, and the cheese on the ground
Ride under my slipper and I'm 'bout to clean house
Reject your deposit , that denied
Reject and reckless,same damn time
White and the brown in the same damn line
Jew put a speed or jack on the job
Park around no shirt that in the drawers
Nigga what

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