The 32-Bit Handhelds Guitari 2600 Lyrics

The 32-Bit Handhelds Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fidel Casio: The 32-Bit Revolution
  • 2 Systems Go!
  • 3 Level 03
  • 4 Flight of the Veritech Fighters
  • 5 Let's Get Technical
  • 6 Woodchuck to Gray Squirrel
  • 7 Bonus Stage
  • 8 0400
  • 9 Belmont's Requiem
  • 10 Domo Arigato Mr. Miyamoto
  • 11 Guitari 2600
  • 12 Secret Ending
  • 13 Advent
  • Looks like we've got ourselves a,
    Science project. Oh, yeah.
    Anybody got the blueprints?
    Circumvent the navigation.
    Don't get the wires mixed up.
    Drop the D string. Take your stations.
    We're gonna crank it out now.
    I've got my guitar and you've got your 2600.
    I loved your Atari, but you hated my Gibson.
    Should I switch my pickups for a pair of cartridges?
    Should I ditch my JD pick for a digital joystick?
    Turn the dials. Flip the switches.
    Goddamn you've got the input,
    On the wrong end of the system.
    My God, we're gonna feedback.

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