108 Guilt Lyrics

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empires built on doctrinal guilt. controlling man (with what we) cant understand. words, body and mind enslaved at a shrine with little left (except) impending death. guilt, guilt, guilty for being alive. written words designate (awaiting) death. desires define degrees of helplessness. birth and gender a**ign entitlement while feelings and emotions are left for dead. guilt, guilt, guilty for being alive. this is our sickness with no one else to blame. simple minds bring a handicapped existence. so much for being free. so much for being me.
A New Beat From a Dead Heart Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Declarations on a Grave
  • 2 Guilt
  • 3 Angel Strike Man
  • 4 Three Hundred Liars
  • 5 Resurrect to Destroy
  • 6 Martyr Complex
  • 7 The Sad Truth
  • 8 My Redemption
  • 9 Bibles + Guns = the American Dream?
  • 10 (Il)logical End
  • 11 We Walk Through Walls
  • 12 Our Kind
  • 13 Repeat
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