Fifteen Grow Up Lyrics

Extra Medium Kick Ball Star (17) Track Listing
  • 1 Front
  • 2 Chris' Song
  • 3 Run II
  • 4 The Deal
  • 5 Grow Up
  • 6 Emancipation Proclamation
  • 7 Over and Over
  • 8 Intelligence
  • 9 Jesus
  • 10 Rainbow Connection
  • 11 Violation II
  • 12 Here By The Shore
  • 13 Algebra
  • 14 Windfall
  • 15 Johnny Come Lately
  • 16 Trust Fund Junkie
  • 17 Termaline
  • 18 Booty Shake
  • 19 The Lightning Top
  • 20 Favorite Suit
  • 21 Scared Militia
  • 22 Nando
  • 23 Civilization
  • Mama said, pour me some wine son
    And you can have a sip for your self
    Mama said, do your homework
    And you can watch TV all you want
    Mama said, do what I say or I'm gonna beat the fuck out of you
    Mama said, this is normal-see
    You don't have it as bad as the other kids on the block
    So then we all pretended that I grew up
    Mama said, I got a letter today
    Says you've cut 187 out of 190 days
    Mama said, we've noticed lately
    You have no interest in gainful employment
    Mama said, it's time to lock you up
    Make your round brain fit in a square hole
    I said, sure thing, I'm just gonna play one last show
    In the city, but you know, I didn't ever go home again
    I stopped pretending that I had a family
    We all pretend, that we love our children
    Until they show any signs of having their own will
    Then we beat them, into submission
    We beat them into the superior ways of our way of thinking
    4,000 kids are murdered by their parents each year.
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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