MellowHype Grill Lyrics

Keep smokin'
Keep smokin'

Bring something new to the table
And I don't want yams because I had some yesterday
But I can smoke grams blaze one almost everyday
And I will shake hands and make plans with a featherweight
Wolf Gang clan sold out when we set a date
Klux Klan burn the stage down let it marinate
Correlate circulate percolate a work of fate it hurts to hate
For me there's no surrogate
Bring the ****ing food to the table
And if you get cheese make it provolone or parmesan
Rolling Mary Jane, killers pain in my other arm
Holding on a dame and her main in my other arm
Such a charm, so it’s on, smoke til it’s gone
Feel withdrawn, These *****es blown
They better call Tyron, about where upon
She’s at and um, sit on a bus stop like she do salons
Or bag a ***** for me like she ****ing works at Vons

[Chorus x2]
It's the M, the E, the L
The L, the O, W, H
The Y, the P, the P, the E

It's the M, the E, the L
The L, the O, W, H
The Y, the P, get your money

Never been a buster *****
I ride with them thuggish *****s
Mellowhigh, Loiter Squad
I ride with them ruggish *****s
Never **** a ***** up in the bucket, she just suck a *****
81 box chevy
Dirty seats, dirty sprite
Ridin' dirty through the night
Shining like some pearly whites
Lurking for the popo though
**** them punks
Exit out the way I'mma hit the Shake Junt
Hey my ***** G goes smoke eight junts
Kill the bottle, full throttle
Bad ***** still **** with me
I still **** with y'all
But we ain’t **** for free
All my wolves we eat feet said we all floss
We boss hogs ain’t all talk
Sawed off y'all small talk
Big noise, big toys
Monstertruck,dumpster truck
**** the slut in dump and smut
Trash wang, that's what's up (x5)

[Chorus: x4]

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