Canaan Grey Lyrics

A Calling to Weakness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To Those Who Cried
  • 2 Prayer for Nothing
  • 3 Warm Dust
  • 4 Everything You Say
  • 5 Scars
  • 6 Un ultimo patetico addio
  • 7 The Forever Passion
  • 8 Falling Again
  • 9 Grey
  • 10 The Fires in Me
  • 11 Essere nulla
  • 12 Submission
  • 13 Mercury
  • 14 Chrome Red Overdose
  • 15 The Ghosts of My Betrayal
  • 16 Frequency Omega
  • 17 A Last Lullaby
  • Let the light regenerate
    its power to heal is in the silver
    and the light
    Light to the seventh

    Let the darkness degenerate
    its power to hurt is in the gold
    and the dark
    darkness to the ninth

    Let the grey submerge
    its power to forgot is in the fire
    and the grey
    grey to the fifth

    Let the red heal
    its power to regenerate is in the
    liquid and the red
    red to the eleventh

    Let this life wipe you away
    wipe your image away
    bring your memory back
    to the white immaculate sands
    of a self-destructing eve

    Grey to the end
    Grey to this sweet end

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