Pinback Grey Machine Lyrics

Offcell Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Microtonic Wave
  • 2 Victorious D
  • 3 Offcell
  • 4 B
  • 5 Grey Machine
  • on the left side
    a parking attendant sleeps
    selling space and time.
    on the right side...
    they have grasped the concept
    of property.
    understand that space and time
    can be twisted into someone's
    monetary advantage
    but, i can see myself
    In that building that stands
    across from me.
    Reflecting in the sky.
    You can see yourself
    Swim along the giant whales
    down the street.
    Reflecting in the sky
    On sunny days
    The people on the beach
    Like ants in my food.
    They must have closed the mall.
    Here comes whitey to exploit
    The simple pleasures nature gave me,
    Then Try to tax them all.
    Lay in the yard.
    Curled in a ball.
    hails in your mouth.
    Keys still in the car door.
    Face in the dirt.
    Smells more than clean.
    Synapsis tapped.
    You're well out.
    On the side of the house.
    Its burned in the ground.
    That secret code.
    That signal go.
    There's a stain on the grass
    That's calling us home
    You lie inside for the
    Transistor send.
    My heart skips a beat.
    Lie blinded.
    Out of reach.
    Out of touch.
    Out of ink.
    Out of kindness
    Never hazing new guys.
    Out of teeth.
    Out of thought.
    Out of time.
    Out of life
    Like cattle grazing.
    Your mind.
    On the way to the car.
    On the of the stone.
    On the edge of the lake.
    On the end of the joke.
    On the crack of the floor
    On the slab of the day.
    On the dent of the face.
    On the mind of the cop.
    On the scar of the rat.
    On the last of the calls.
    On the rest of the doc.
    On the smile of the kid.
    Pick me up.
    Take me home.
    Get me out of here.
    On the underside i'm letting go...
    they know were on to them.
    we know to avoid - their snare
    they're pulling us back
    we run for cover
    escape is far
    i'm letting go...
    its scaring me
    i'm gonna break...

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