Satariel Greater Than God Lyrics

Phobos and Deimos Track Listing
  • 1 Sodomy Eve
  • 2 Coffin Gateways
  • 3 Stranger World
  • 4 The Claim
  • 5 Betrayer Love
  • 6 The Sun Is Grey
  • 7 Holy Trinity / Menage a Trois
  • 8 Death Come Cover Me
  • 9 Zenithal Man
  • 10 Doveshooter
  • 11 Greater Than God
  • We are greater than other people
    We are not like those from God
    We hate other people by right

    An awful spawn we may seem
    But we're truly blessed with beauty and grace
    I excuse me not
    For my blood values higher than yours

    [CHORUS x2]
    We want it all, and deserve even more
    More real than God, so worship then rather us

    [Repeat verse 1]



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