Raven Symone Gravity Lyrics

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A child so fragile trynna make a way through,
told to work hard and all her dreams will come true.
Closed hearts and closed minds, ignorance runs through
their veins all concerned with whats at stake. mmm

We share this world always looking for a truth talking peaceful but what they says not what they do. We try to hide the pain that makes us devide. We shall we shall overcome. Oh.


We'll have the love that makes us stronger,we'll have the peace that sets us free,(It'll set you free) soon will come a time(come a time) where everyone will rise up and we all will be released from Gravity.(Oh)

This child still hopeful turns the other sheet and sometimes it gets hard holding on to what she believes but their time will come where everyone will finally see theres no need for suffering.

We'll have the love(we'll have the love) that makes us stronger(oh),we'll have the peace that sets us free,(yeah), soon will come a time (soon will come a time)where everyone will rise up and we all will be released from Gravity.(Oh.

We are the same inside, so look into my eyes.Lets put away our fears just for one night. Exceptance is the way, its in both you and me, lets try to work together now.

Chorus x's 2
(fade out)
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