Jonathan Thulin Graveyard Lyrics

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Written by Jonathan Thulin

1: Love is but a word that you use against me
I've licked every wound trying to rid to myself of
All this residue, you left a trace I can't erase and
TIme and time again I fell for it

Chorus: Can you tell me when we both began to fall
Did you lose any sleep over this at all
Now you tell me that it's time to move along
Well I'm gone, now I'm just another headstone
In your graveyard

2: Time heals every bruise or so they say
But I'm left feeling used trying to bargain with
The sense that I have left, you shot a hole
I can't ignore and time and time again
I fell for it


Bridge: Can you raise me from the dead
and lay my heart to rest so I can love again
Thanks to Jonathan for submitting Graveyard Lyrics.

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