Simon Webbe Grace Lyrics

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Reaching out, looking for som way to escape the crowd
You whispered words that I've been searching for
Somehow you answered my call
Reaching out I feel I'm rising up

You give me (grace)
In a world that doesn't sleep at all
You give me (grace)
It's a place I've never been before
You give me (grace)
And in all of the confusion you're the peace in my soul
That's why I will never really be alone

Suddenly, I'm up on the surface now where I can see
And picture the person who I need to be
And I know, yes I know I can make it
See me now, I'm slowly rising up


Well yeah, these are difficult times
These are difficult days
But I know we can face it
Ours are different lives
In a difficult place
Oh you give me grace to say when I got wrong
The grace and the will to carry on
Reaching out I feel I'm rising up

[Chorus: x 2]

Written by: Timothy Daniel Woodcock, Simon Soloman Webbe, Matthew Alan Prime
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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