Awkword Got Class Lyrics

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Never a fresh nerd until my first night of college
Graduated with honors, time I acknowledged
Broke my whole body, but my brain's still solid
From cool, I was always cool, I might have never needed awkword
Hoodie and jeans, hair and mop under the fitted(?)
All mah do is smile twice, gotta type in tang digits
I like the Latinos, but this white girl's delicious
This gotta be my confidence, I keep the money hidden
We hit the hot spots together, she's making a splash
I'm chilled out, high, picture her in my bath
Grab a few of her friends, then all right to the path
Empty out jaws of white right down on the glass
No second thought to subtlety, lacking the class
But that she dancing with the friends, all I see is that ass
And after an hour or so I say we gots to crash
This is the revenge of the nerds, yeah, monster mash
Girl, nice guys wanna meet their wives just to
Bow anywhere but where we met last night
And that's why the next day I say goodbye
Cause even if you it we didn't start it right
Ah, skip the back, kiss the back of the neck
She shivers, runs, throws herself down on to the bed
She takes a swig of vodka in her marvelous head
Then i pick her up, flip her over, take both of her legs
Her nails in my back, the wall crack in her head
I almost stayed home, look, I went out instead
Now she pushing me away, now I let myself drop
And hops back on her feet and does a dance by the

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