Durag Dynasty feat. Imam Thug Goon Call Lyrics

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[Hook 2x: Iman Thug]
This is kung fu, ninjitsu, hard body
Karate Shotty, pop off, street party
We think on the streets, Alchemist on the beat
Emptied out clip then pistol whip, you with the heat

[Verse 1: Killer Ben]
Yo I got biscuits out the oven, pippin hot huntin
Start something dog Desperado, torque torsion
All the ghetto noise spark destruction
And embark them ghetto boys
To bring hammer head towards touch em
Nails in the cross for the sins, the mighty cross
The greedy double cross for that murky bubble love
And how was I to know the county jail was show

360 Waves Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Next One (intro)
  • 2 DRDC Theme
  • 3 Tender Greens
  • 4 Fish Meat
  • 5 360 Waves
  • 6 Trailer Mix
  • 7 Spiral Event
  • 8 Yasir Arafat Prelude
  • 9 Yasir Arafat
  • 10 Tetrahydrons on Mars
  • 11 Goon Call
  • 12 Bigger U Are the Harder You Fall
  • 13 Shooters
  • 14 Luxury Whip
  • 15 Funyons
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