Razor Goof Soup Lyrics

Decibels Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Decibels
  • 2 Jimi the Fly
  • 3 Life Sentence
  • 4 Liar
  • 5 The Game
  • 6 Great White Lie
  • 7 Open Hostility
  • 8 Ninedead
  • 9 Goof Soup
  • 10 Violence... Gun Control
  • 11 Instant Death (1997 version)
  • You had your say, it's time to play my way
    You waste my time, I'll speak 'cause it's my dime
    Don't care no more, out cold lying on the floor
    My choice, my rules, no time for dancing fools
    Taking my chances, I've paid for mistakes that I've made
    Fight for the striker, I pay back the piper in spades
    Surviving the slaughters, it's taking its toll
    Target on side as we break down the wall
    Savour the smile on my face as I blow it away
    Revenge is sweet, served quick makes a very nice treat
    Just add one goof, beat well so there is no proof
    Kick hard, kick fast, love the moment, make it last
    No guilt, be strong, sick of hearing the same old song
    Goof soup tastes good, hits the spot like you knew it would
    You'll like, you'll see, good source of vitamin v's
    Goof soup tastes great, have seconds, fill up your plate
    Goof soup tastes fine, kills the hunger every time Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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