Shannon Lawson Goodbye on a Bad Day Lyrics

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You slipped off your wedding band
And tucked it deep inside my hand
Forced a smile and headed towards the door

And as you walked out,I heard you say,
"Things just haven't been going our way
And I don't love you anymore"
Now,after the day I had
I could have done without that

I'd rather watch the house we built
Burn to the ground
And stand out in the pouring rain
Let the good Lord strike me down
Than to sit here and watch you walk away
Anything would be better than your goodbye on a bad day

I've seen that look,I can always tell
It means, "Stay away from me and go straight to hell"
That's exactly where I'll be, when you're gone
And after a day like this,my whole world's gone


Oh,you're the one thing I have left
When the whole world holds me down
Now, how can I keep going when you're not around?


Oh,oh,oh [Repeat until fade]

Written by: Mark Alan Peters, Shannon Lawson
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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