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Yazoo Lyrics

Sometimes I feel,
I'll never belong
I want to get there so bad
But it's taking so long
Sometimes I feel
Like letting go
But when it comes right down to it, baby
Who wants to know? (no-one)

And I find (for a good time)
I'm knocking for a good time (for a good time)
Now I find (for a good time)
I'm knocking for a good time (for a good time)

Standing on the outside
I'm looking in
Trying to be heard
I don't know where to begin
Help me baby show me how
To be a part of it all and all
Right here, and now


Hands are full of silver
My pockets full of gold
It's time I'm trying to spend
And I can't get myself sold
I'm a bargain honey
I'm a giveaway
And you can have it all
If you'd use up my day.


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