Reggie and the Full Effect Good Times, Good Tunes, Good Buds Lyrics

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while you can
take time out for your life, and then you do it
all you can

shit, pick a new cd
take it out
gimmie that
piece of junk
give it to me, i'll spit on it
alright put it back in now

Promotional Copy Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 A.C. Lerok…Bitches Get Stitches
  • 2 From Me 2 U
  • 3 Congratulations Matt and Christine
  • 4 Something I’m Not
  • 5 Doot Doot Pause Doot Doot
  • 6 Relive the Magic…Bring the Magic Home
  • 7 Good Times, Good Tunes, Good Buds
  • 8 Megan 2K
  • 9 Boot to the Moon Wade and Wayne Jentry and Band
  • 10 Thanx for Stayin’
  • 11 Gloves
  • 12 Fought and Won One
  • 13 Ode to Manheim Steamroller
  • 14 Dwarf Invasion

  • Written by: James Dewees

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