Trip Lee feat. Leah Smith Good Thing Lyrics

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The gift of God has given got me so amazed
I get better than if earned like I'm overpaid
I ain't deserve it at all homie I know it's grace
But God gave me a wife to hold for all my days
She got me more than dazed
Babe, your more than antidote to lonely days
You're my partner, you got my back with no delays
You don't just hold me down, you help me behold his ways
We seek His holy face though the surface is only grazed
Babe, I never thought that I would be the type
To choose and chill with my wife over trying to sleep at night
But, we kick it real hard, you never leaving right?
Well good, 'cause I love the ways that we alike
I found a good thing, praise God for wedding bells
This marriage is a picture of the story heaven tells
That means this oneness can't be severed, well very well
By God's grace I married well. I Found a good thing.

You'll always be my love (oh my my my)
You'll always be my love (my oh my)
I love you, I'll never leave, I want it to be
Always you and only you, I've found a good thing.

They say that boy insane. He gone he lost his brain
He too zealous, he's just trying to go against the grain
He's got his whole life ahead of him, so this is strange
But they don't get that getting other chicks just isn't gain
And marriage is a pain, in fact it's love and joy.
God's plan for man and woman they wanna destroy
By acting like it's prison, avoid it cause it's hard
Look honestly if it don't hurt than you ain't loving hard
Look at Jesus on the cross he got a ton of scars
Laid his life down for his bride cause his love is large
My Lord he set the bar high, and I'm falling short
But I'll be standing with my Savior when I'm called in court
So please forgive me baby when I don't love you right
You're so patient with me girl because He's in your sights.
So let's take on the world, let's love em hand in hand
Bye bye to boyish ways, hello to family man.


We prayed our wildest dreams his will be done we said.
So let's be praying bracing ourselves for what comes ahead.
We pleaded with the Lord that he would give a child
And he graciously gave, though it took a while.
That is a precious little soul. One who lives and moves.
Never forget the way you smile when you broke the news
And now your belly's growing, baby your skin is glowing
I already love him I can't wait to get to know him.
Till then I'm praying for him, that Jesus would sustain
Our little baby protect him so his life remains.
Through all the joys and pains, you know your husband's here
We'll run this race together. Let's get this one thing clear
I'll never leave your side, I wasn't playing with you
When I wrote them vows, baby girl I'm staying with you
And there ain't nothing that can separate us in this life
Can't nothing ever separate us from the love of Christ

For ever ever ever
The Lord gon be with us for ever ever ever
So girl I ain't gon leave you ever ever ever
The Lord gon be with us for ever forever ever
So girl I ain't gon leave you ever ever ever
The Lord gon be with us for ever ever ever
So girl I ain't gon leave you ever ever ever
The Lord gon be with us for ever ever ever
Ever ever

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