Bad Astronaut Good Morning Night Lyrics

Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Good Morning Night
  • 2 Ghostwrite
  • 3 Beat
  • 4 Stillwater, California
  • 5 One Giant Disappointment
  • 6 Minus
  • 7 Best Western
  • 8 San Francisco Serenade
  • 9 Autocare
  • 10 Violet
  • 11 Go Humans
  • 12 The “F” Word
  • 13 The Thirteenth Step
  • And I don't want to make her feel
    Any worse than she must feel

    Today my arms reach for survivors
    A medal I had never won
    But it's never meant this much, it's obvious

    Bells ring, waking
    The thought of yesterday is beckoning
    Night lies to razz
    Life is a long breath
    Hey now

    I'll be on occasional vacation
    Pretending I never grew up
    And I've never given up on anyone

    Bells ring, waking
    Lure of sedation always beckoning
    Good morning night
    Mine is a lifetime

    Can't imagine life without those blue eyes
    But they will take those lights away
    When they see 'em in harms way
    This is the killer you are tempting
    The other sum of all we are
    Resent to live, resent to wait, resent to fight

    Bells ring, waking
    The sound of innocence is beckoning
    Night storms to lout
    This is a long life
    Hey now

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