Ransom Good Morning (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Good morning (x4)

I'm stressed , wake up and I get dressed
Take a look in the mirror and I'm not really impressed
Then I strap on my vest in case I'm gonna be next
To catch a slug in my chest but I ain't fucking with death
Tell my mother goodbye 'cause now I'm going outside
Where drugs and money collide you fuck with dummies you die
Means you're ready for war these fiends coming for more
I seen so many for sure give me their pennies for raw

Good morning (x4)

No I ain't yawning, no I'm not dreaming
Ignore my demons
I start seeing shit well I'm awake now
Hugs and the face mask
Love turn to hate now, snubs in your face now
I'm back on the corner when niggas all goners
Police is all on us the beast is for orders
But we don't wanna listen the money is my ambition
And we ain't never gonna stop til it's sunny without the listing

Good morning (x4)

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