Justin Timberlake Good Foot Lyrics

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[Timbaland:] Yeah
I aint tryin to be rude dude but we tryin to tear up the place,come on

[Justin:] hey timbo

[Timbaland:] Yeah0
[JT]: Dont you hate it when a dude starts actin' up
Like this fella over here with his hands on the scuff
Be muggin' and carryin' on

[Timbaland:] Hey JT

[Justin:] Yeah

Why these dudes keep starin' at us

I dunno but Ima 'bout to find out wassup

Be easy dont take it to rough
Talk to 'em

[Chorus:] ===
Im not being cocky
I just noticed that she was looking at me
Chill homeboy be cool
'Cause there aint no reason for all that fussin' at me
Its just gettin' started
And there's a lot of fish around
here just shakin' they jelly

I ain't tryin' to be rude dude but we tryin' to tear up the place, come on

There ain't nothing to it
If you wanna get down then we can do it, do it
There ain't nothing to it
Get out your seat
You ain't glued to it
Be easy and watch that .. tone
Keep stepping with your new suede shoes .. on
Boys and girls let's all sing along
Now everybody just get on the good foot

Get on the good foot


Now, how am I supposed to know that she's yours
She ain't got no ring on her finger

It aint our fault homeboy that your girl likes to wonder and linger

Your actin' so serious
We just danced I aint even ask for her number

Dont be mad cause we the life of the party we aint tryin to hurt nobody talk to 'em


Get on the good foot

If you keep on pressin at me
(That dont bother me none)
Cause I see every fish in the sea
(Ima get the baddest one)
You take yourself so seriously
(But you don't impress me none)

Dont be alarmed boy..we came to do no harm boy
Talk to 'em


Get on the good foot
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