Joe Budden Good Enough Lyrics

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Nothin's ever good enough
Hollywood, think he too good for us
Nigga's emo, he ain't in the hood enough
How bout he's just misunderstood to us
Vision is fine, I can still hear
(So) So I pop one more till everything is unclear
Cause why? (why?) Nothin's ever good enough
I'm just lookin for something, good enough

[Verse 1]
Wonder where his mind is
If everyone's impression is wrong then maybe mine is
Jury's out, but the verdict's in
Case ain't been heard, so how they murdering him?
I appear to be arrogant, that's what they instilled in me
Took it as a weakness when I showed em humility
Insensitive, don't waste time trying to tell me what emotions is
I'm emotionless, I can't explain it, it come from home
Make me uncomfortable and you gon put me in a comfort zone
Double is me, feel what I feel and know he's struggling
Be tryin to get depression to suffer from me
When your head's cluttered with noise you get lost
Am I isolated by choice or by force?
Listen, the fuck yall expect from me?
Already given yall the best of me
But it seem like...

Nothing's ever good enough
Hollywood, think he too good for us
Nigga's emo, he ain't in the hood enough
How 'bout he's just misunderstood to us
Vision is fine, I can still hear
(So I) So I pop one more 'til everything is unclear
Cause, just one wasn't good enough
Crushin it in rum wasn't good enough
The baddest girl wouldn't be good enough
All the cash in the world ain't good enough
(Why?) Cause you can go your hardest for your fans
But like you they only human so they may not understand that
I used to always try to be good enough
And couldn't figure out why I wasn't good enough
So instead of bein good enough
I just wanna be better, than good enough

[Verse 2]
The fuck's going on around here?
Contriving and conforming is the norm around here
It's tension, speak up and violence gets mentioned
In the world where everybody gets by off silenced opinions
And so I cut the red tape and the politics
Know it's there, I'm just the only nigga to acknowledge it
Learn from the acts that came before you and retain a lawyer
They told me, "Once you get the fame you get the paranoia"
They say that he a has-been, irrelevant
But every word I say niggas get hella bent
Tell you why I'm off of the charts, or on the bottom of your bracket
I rap through the heart and some niggas lack it
So I get why I'm greeted with spite
Got nerve being the truth, life's fine with them believing a lie!
Even I no longer know what to expect from me
But y'all have yet to see the best of me
Still it seem like!

[Hook w/ minor variatons]

[Verse 3]
Check it; I want it all, that's why I strive for it
Diss me and you normally hear a reply for it
But I'm starting my maturation
And ignore em, let em continue they masturbation
Say my actions don't match what I'm spitting
So I tell em mind they business and let me stray
They say that you becoming a walking contradiction
I tell em people change every day
I tell em I've been making my own decisions since a teen
Tell me who the fuck is yall to intervene, here's a lesson
I'm good enough for me, a nigga seem to be perfection
Fifty grand, V.I.P., Queens and perfection
Far from a beginner, nigga ain't a white belt
Cry me a river, and I'll turn into Mike Phelps
I'm just giving y'all the best of me
And y'all just turn that into stress for me
And so it seem like!

[Hook w/ minor variatons]

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