Atmosphere Good Daddy Lyrics

Sad Clown Bad Spring #12 Track Listing
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  • 1 Less One
  • 2 Good Daddy
  • 3 Carry Me Home
  • 4 Happymess
  • 5 Not Another Day

  • He gave his baby boy a bath
    Tub full of bubbles and toys for him to splash
    Look at daddy's soap suds mustache
    Funny face and voices it makes the baby belly laugh
    Dry him off now you're squeaky clean
    And watch the water spiral down that drain
    Wrap up in the towel so he doesn't get the shivers
    Brush his hair, it seems to help it dry quicker
    Laid him on mommy and daddy's bed now that he's dry
    And put a diaper on him, gave him his pacifier
    Superman pajamas so tough
    Innocent face full of unconditional love
    Daddy picked him up and rocked him slow
    Never takes long for little guy's eyes to close
    Dad's technique is different than your mothers
    Never learned any lullabies he sings Stevie Wonder's
    There it is steady breathin sleep rhythm
    Daddy sits and holds him just to listen for a minute
    Daddy's hands are the meaning of security
    And baby's hands are the evidence of purity
    Thinking back to the day baby came
    And how it changed the whole game
    Things ain't the same
    Daddy had to stop runnin and crazy
    Keep his ass in the home with the son and his lady
    He was there for the birth and the first breath
    Not gonna miss the first words or the first steps
    Gonna keep the boy healthy and safe
    And do his best to try to keep those tears off his face
    Gave him a kiss, laid him in his crib
    Turned out the lights, good night my little prince
    That's how good daddy takes care of him
    And that good daddy goes downstairs to package heroin

    Thanks to V Balayan

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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