Razor Going Under Lyrics

Custom Killing Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Survival of the Fittest
  • 2 Shootout
  • 3 Forced Annihilation
  • 4 Last Rites
  • 5 Snake Eyes
  • 6 White Noise
  • 7 Going Under
  • 8 Russian Ballet
  • Hang the Jolly Roger, it's time to set the mood
    All kinds are invited, the sweeties and the rude
    I see so many people, who's here that I know?
    I don't see any faces, they're head first in the snow
    My dazed eyes closing, how I want to see
    What did I just say, I've lost my memory
    Find someone to lean against, I don't wanna fall
    He can't drive 55, well I can't drive at all
    Going Under, but I'm still drinking, and will until dawn's light
    I'm Going Under, and I don't care about anything tonight
    Noise and confusion, what'd ya say, I can't hear
    Don't move the floor I don't wanna spill my beer
    Who's that in the corner beyond his own control
    It's showbiz with a little wiz and playin' in a hole
    Naked women dancin' round, take yor pick today
    It doesn't matter who you choose she wants it anyway
    Where is it you're taking me going down head first
    Then take me for a ride just to quench your thirst
    Living hungry just as long as we're livin' on the road
    Pretending I understand the road crew's secret code
    Hard times the better times, been hangin' here for months
    But your life's too short a line and you only live it once
    The fast life the only life, one life I know about
    So I'm passing out the bottle, while some are passing out
    The road long and lonely, last night the tune is sung
    I'm gonna live forever, they say the good die young

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