Kenny Price Going Home For The Last Time Lyrics

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I was down and out as any man could be
Sleeping in a mission they have for guys like me
My shoes for a pillow beneath my head a cold hard mattress for my bed
I was really feeling sorry for me
Sitting on the bench next to mine I could see
This poor soul in so much worse shape than me
Yet a smile was on his face he said it's my last night in this place
Then he lit a cigarette and said to me
Oh tomorrow the sun's gonna shine shine shine
And I'm a going home to stay this time
Oh how happy my folks will be it's been so long since they've seen me
Yes tomorrow I'm going home for the last time
[ strings ]
I dozed off and not much time could have gone by
Then I woke up to see the flames were ten feet high
He'd dropped his cigarette and as the flames engulfed his bed
I recall the last words I've heard him sigh
Repeat Chorus
Yes friends tomorrow he's going home for the last time
Thanks to Jim Palmer for submitting Going Home For The Last Time Lyrics.

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