Vassago Godforsaken Lyrics

Knights From Hell Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sign of Vassago
  • 2 Total War Brings Total Death
  • 3 Anal Fistfuck
  • 4 Raped by the Machine
  • 5 Cleansing
  • 6 Thou Shalt Kill!!!
  • 7 Parabellum
  • 8 Godforsaken
  • 9 Agent 666
  • 10 Turning the Millenium
  • 11 Destroyer
  • 12 Abysmic Downfall to the Kingdom Where I Will Rule Eternally
  • 13 The Origin of Evil
  • 14 Satanic Slayer (Division SS)
  • 15 The Spell of the Eastern Oracle
  • The North and the South, East and West, have sworn allegiance to the armies
    Of Death
    Burning rivers, dried-up oceans, desert lakes, and wasted plains
    Crumbling hills, tumbling mountains, charcoal trees, columns inflamed
    We stand and look at the works of Hell
    Boastful and proud, we've performed them well!

    One last look at the earth, god
    While it still stands as the realm that you claimed
    Satan's armies are charging
    And when we are through, it will never be the same

    Holocaust winds devastating the churches, believers buried under sacred stone
    The mild and the meek, the weak and the feeble, exterminated one by one
    Nuns violated by ghoulish hordes, monks castrated with razor-sharp swords
    Graves re-opening and taking in the whole bastard brood of the Nazarene
    We look about, not one soul anymore
    Willing to hail the son of the whore!

    One last glance at your herds, god
    While they still look upon you and sheepishly pray
    A memory of brainless devotion
    Will be all you are left with, we will sweep them away


    Raped holy virgins giving birth to snakes, angels impaled on a million stakes
    Prophets with eyes and tongues cut out, no more lies will ever pour out of
    Their mouths,
    Demons feasting on the fruits of Eden, cherubs and seraphs tortured and bleeding
    Howling soldiers soiling your throne, desecrating the altar you're crouching on
    We look around, orgastic glee
    The powers of evil, eternally free!

    A last glimpse round heaven, god
    The Paradise meadows, peaceful, serene
    They will be a raging inferno
    When the unsaintly armies are marching in

    Dare look at me, one look in my eyes, and i'll spare your worthless,
    Miserable life
    No brave deed demanded of thee, just one brief look, and you will go free
    Yet I know you won't, horrified of the spell, you can never look into the
    Face of hell
    Cowardly grovelling in front of Me, face hidden in dust, sight of misery
    I spit on you and I crush your skull
    Victory, triumph, once and for all!

    And now
    Dare look at Me, god
    Your conqueror, your master, your Lord I am
    Remember the words I have spoken,
    I will never serve you - non serviam!


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