Shyne Godfather Lyrics

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Uh huh, Uh huh, Brooklyn Vietnam
What you, Uh yeah, Uh, Come on

Oh no, big Shyne Po
Back up in the **********in heezy for sheezy
Gimme a tech that don't jam (bang bang)
I'm tryin to jucks some more grams and work this whole thing
My minds poisoned, corrupted and diseased
360 ki's
Money make the world spin
I make your chest smoke
Have your mother singing hymms
Particles of your brains up on your tims
Kiss you before I twist you
170 miles
Headed for disaster faster
I put it down right
Bustin off these rounds like
Real *****z is kings
You ain't rockin' that crown right
Harder more PK watches
Topless, *****es in cars
Only meals could heal my scars

*****z want to rhyme like shine like me
They supposed to
*****z want to bust their guns like me
They supposed to
*****z want to grind like crime like me
They supposed to
*****z want to mash like me, dash like me


Allegations got me pacin'
Grand jury wouldn't understand my fury
For fast cars and jewelry
I could give a **** if there's a heaven for a G
This is heaven for me
Go to trial never plea
Do a bullet and come home to the throne
I don't rhyme, I just talk about this life that's mine
I've seen *****z die, in front of my eyes
Doin' my filth
*****z is expiring like milk
Different strokes for different folks
Just give me, different coke in different boats
Black Aristotle Onassis
All I see is crack addicts and automatics
You rap *****z is ******s
y'all cannot be serious
I'm in coupes with gucci interiors
Airin' out your areas
Tech nines, two in the flex and ****
Lookin' at myself like
Yo, I'm the best in this

[Chorus x2]

Sometimes I really wonder
What's it all about?
How many *****es can I **** until I get out
How many ki's can I cut, guns can I bust
Wigs can I push, spots can I juck
Every single one, 'cause I'm a ****in' savage
Til I'm cremated, most hated, self made
Blood type G
All these young hustlers want to bubble like me
They supposed to
Sippin on syrup, until I perish
Pickin' *****es off the run-way
Look forward to, gun-play
Go to sleep with one eye shut
Wake up and do the same ****
I ain't never gonna change *****
And that's the cycle
I don't want to be like Michael
More like Darrell Porter
Gettin' shipments at the border

Yeah, it's a wrappity wrap

[Chorus x4]

Written by: Jamaal Barrow, Jeremy A. Graham
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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