Your Shapeless Beauty Goddess of Lust Lyrics

Sycamore Grove Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Prélude n°3
  • 2 Le berceau de l'ange
  • 3 The Awakening
  • 4 On the Wings of the Black Rain
  • 5 Equinoctical Desires
  • 6 An Orchid in My Belfry
  • 7 Last Embers From the Past
  • 8 Goddess of Lust
  • 9 Récital pour une agonie céleste
  • 10 Deities in the Dew
  • 11 Empyreal Dispair

  • [music: Abate, lyrics: Blachier]

    entombed in a city only known
    by the ones who once loved
    you lie for eternity but you haunt
    the dreams of those doomed

    in your necropolis you rule
    the hearts of your servants
    you're filling your chalice with the love
    and blood of those who kneel down to you

    my beloved you are here
    spreading your wings like a bird of prey
    my beloved you are here
    waiting in the shadow the end of the day

    goddess of lust, you're my goddess of lust
    a vampiric soul for an age of doom
    in your breast of fire are hidden
    all the treasures you stole from men
    (beneath the azuream ring you rule supreme)

    a beautiful whore
    this is what you are
    my goddess of lust


    beyond the edge of night
    as a silent wind you cross the fence of human desires
    the night bird of a dark nature
    repelling the spell that gods cast on you

    you're still flying through
    my demonic witch
    my beloved queen of night
    queen of night

    among the vanished souls
    that you once devoured
    you roam to me

    and you smile at my sight

    and I die at your sigh

    whispers that surround me
    your wings are my coffin

    secrets unveiled, secrets unveiled
    secrets unveiled, I pledge to your poetry

    take me in your arms and drown me
    in the neverending sea of your eyes
    I sink in my destiny, my destiny

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