Avias God Lyrics

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avias seay 2011 "god is the way truth light album"
track 1 "GOD"

you know some people only see me in one light
but what they dont realize is im blessed


body so weak from sin so i kneel to approach you
got that gut instinct you gone come through like you suppose to
the reason why i am able to kneel down and pray
you the reason im singing this song today
you the reason my sister go outside to play
you the reason my mom can take her with pay
you the reason why i turned away from being gay
you the reason for the season in my heart you shall stay
cross necklace around my neck
old friends good bye im trying what the heck
am i suppose to do give in like you would
sorry ladies and gentlemen i got god like you should
i want to keep him cause the devil got to go
where im destined to be only he do know
the messiah or better yet the alpha and omega
omniscient amazing spirit is the one who can save ya


its a crazy world so i act like i dont know you
its a crazy girl so i act like i can show you
people killing and stealing god not happy this a sin
ladies respect your bodies you aint save then you aint in
i cant waste my whole life living never to know you
stay dwelling in sin then satan will show you
he can change your whole world from darkness to the light
we are his children anointed from head to toe right
i listen to other rappers promoting sin but i dont judge
spitting sex killing vilians and dont forgive hold a grudge
delivering the wrong message kids getting stuck like they in mud
fighting clubbing and partying even smoking on the bud
its only a matter of time before god judgement pour down
all these fake fony rappers didnt do his work is hell bound
i dont support their flavor so im here to turn it around
i only want to serve jesus the king of the crown


this beat so hard thats it all in your ear
this beat for god so its powerful you hear
this beat is amazing only because its about god
did you know he can change all that evil in your heart
anointed with faith so i walk down dark streets
aint worried bout dying for my god i take the heat
he have done so much thank you isnt enough
change me from being hard head and fed me real stuff
i love god i hope this listener know
and if this listener dont i know above god show
his passion of good surround me o right now
angels of pure gold rebuke me and show me how
to live a pure life not living for my friends
this life is just a vapor and oneday its got to end
but before this life ends i want god to know i repent
god my afterlife payed off no more earths rent

chorus: (2X's)


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