Pain Teens God Told Me Lyrics

Stimulation Festival Track Listing
  • 1 Shallow Hole
  • 2 The Dead Cannot
  • 3 God Told Me
  • 4 The Poured Out Blood
  • 5 Drowning
  • 6 Living Hell
  • 7 Indiscrete Jewels
  • 8 Wild World
  • 9 Daughter of Chaos
  • 10 Evil Dirt
  • 11 Bruised
  • 12 Dog Spirits
  • 13 Hangman's Rope
  • 14 Apartment #213
  • I wouldn't think to doubt him, the only one I trust
    He said to kill a million of them every day
    And then I will be holy when I kneel down to pray
    The world is full of weakness, and weakness can't prevail
    The stronger ones must crush the weak,
    Strength and self-esteem can't fail
    So God told me to do it, all the little girls and boys
    are mine alone to prey upon, but I'm the prey, I can't go on
    There is no God, what have I done?

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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